dong son drum
dong son drum

Is there anything as beautiful and unique as one's own historical culture?

We at Faragon recognize the majesty and splendor of each nation's  cultural hallmark. We also recognized, however, that with the ravages of time, many of them are at risk of fading away - both physically and, more importantly, in the sense of being forgotten. Therefore, we saw it as a personal responsiblity to share their uniqueness & beauty with as many people as we can, in a way that is both simple & convenient.


(* Thay bằng ảnh đẹp hơn về các nền văn hóa thế giới)

[Phần nội dung này sẽ lồng vào ảnh: To raise awareness for our beloved cultural heritages, we chose the path of incorporating them into timepieces -  because what else could better convey the value of thousands-year-history than the physical manifest

Faragon watch
Faragon watch

faragon watch
faragon watch





ation of the passage of time on your very wrist?   Not only did we get to utilize our existing experience as a timepiece designer & distributor, by choosing this method of expression we’ve also managed to allow our idea to spread via a popular fashion accessory. ]



Faragon was the name we had chosen for ourselves to signify the pride in our country, Vietnam. We drew inspirations from the mythical union that gave rise to our nation of old – the Union between our Mother the Fairy, and our Father the Dragon; a name that harkens to the beginning, therein lies promises of untold potentials. 



Obviously, we used our own cultural heritage as the inspiration for our first line of product, and behold:


[Phần nội dung này sẽ lồng vào ảnh: The Dong Son Bronze Drum has long been a signature of Vietnam's cultural heritage - a symbol of our long and colorful history.

With its intricate designs & patterns, the Dong Son Bronze Drum illustrates the spiritual lives of ancient Vietnamese people, with the Sun as its centerpoint, radiating warmth & prosperity. So iconic is it that the same images are practically ubiquitious in Vietnam: you can see it anywhere & anytime, from cultural events to political & historical gatherings, the Dong Son bronze brums were used as backgrounds, decorations and/or centerpieces.]

We seek to push it one step further and incorporate such designs into your everyday's accessories in a classy & subtle style. That is the vision we have for any and all of future Faragon's watches: using an iconic cultural symbol as the primary inspiration, combining it with our expertise in timepiece crafting & distribution to deliver to you, our beloved customers, the essence of many different cultural heritages on your very wrists.


 As our mission is to share cultural values wherever possible, it is also our responsibility to not burden our customers with extravagant costs. As such, we’ve taken the directly-to-customer approach and kept our supply, distribution, and advertising expenses to a bare minimum. Therefore, despite being crafted from the same top-quality components as other premium watch brands, you can rest assured that our watches are priced with your benefits in mind.

* Ảnh động về các phương thức vận chuyển ( anh Dũng lên ý tưởng )

4. Ảnh thật đeo tay các sản phẩm ( có ghi chú dưới : sự pha trộn văn hóa và thời trang )


* Ảnh design và 1 số lời giới thiệu về Design và Manufacturing ( Thông số sản phẩm và các chứng chỉ )

  • Chiến lược giá và lợi ích khách hàng

  • DONG SON BRONZE DRUM SERIES (* Mng góp ý sửa tên series )

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